The Celtic Congress Scotland is a branch of the International Celtic Congress

The Celtic Congress

The International Celtic Congress is an educational and cultural organization whose aims

are to perpetuate the ideals, cultures and languages of the Celtic peoples. It has a

branch in each of the Celtic countries. Members come together to exchange common

interests and concerns at the annual conference. This is held in each of the countries in

an agreed rotation and with a nominated theme.

A’ Chòmhdhail Cheilteach

’Se comunn foghlaim agus cultair a th’anns a’ Chòmhdhail Cheilteach

Eadarnàiseanta, dha bheil fainear beachdan, dualchasan agus cànainean

nam pobull Ceilteach uile a neartachadh. Tha meur dheth anns gach aon de

na dùthchannan Ceilteach. Tha na buill a coinneachadh gach bliadhna gus

beachdachadh còmhla ri chèile air na nithean a tha cudthromach dhaibh.

Tha a’ cho-labhairt seo ga cumail anns gach dùthaich ma-seach, le cuspair roainmichte gach bliadhna.

International Celtic Congress 2021

A' Chomhdhail Cheilteach Alba, (Celtic Congress Scotland) will be participating in the online International Celtic Congress from 2nd July to 4th July 2021. Postponed from 2020 this event is being hosted by Cymru (Wales) and we hope that many people who have an interest in Alba's cultural heritage including our Gaelic language along with the other Celtic nations will view and engage with this event.

Clicking the link below to check out details of Alba's lecturer, entertainers and language tutor.

International Celtic Congress 2021

Details of the programme and links to book online are also included and for those that support Alba's cultural heritage and language we look forward to you supporting Alba at this online event.